Executive Search

People, their work, and the values ​​they create are at the center of our professional world. And because we have it all well mapped and thoroughly experienced, we can find or replace almost anyone for you, optimize work processes, protect your personnel agenda, and much more. We have a wealth of experience, a network of contacts, and we dare to undertake even the so-called “hard-to-fill” positions.


Executive & Profesional Search
Currently, this is the most effective method for attracting talent in the labor market. Direct search is suitable for middle and top management, as well as expert / specialist positions.  
Benchmarking & Marketmaping
Benchmarking is a method similar to direct address by comparing an internal candidate with the potential in the labor market for our customer. Market mapping is a method that uses information obtained from the labor market to create a new position with the client, so that they are able to compete.
Recruitment Process Outsourcing
Clients can transfer all their recruitment activities or only certain parts of recruitment to our consultant, who then acts as an internal recruitment specialist. This service is always adapted to the individual needs of the client.
HR Consulting & Audit
We are here for you in the area of ​​professional analysis of the current personnel situation in your company, including a proposal to optimize company structure, division of competencies, job descriptions, methods of human resource management, career planning, and development of key employees.  
Employer Branding
We help clients build a good employer brand. A positive experience with the recruitment process is one of the criteria for a lot of talent in making a decision. However, let us not forget well-considered personnel communication, not only with existing and future, but also former employees.


CHC Partners offers a broad portfolio of services and covers almost the entire spectrum of the market. Our projects are represented in all market sectors:


About us

CHC Partners builds on our business beginnings of 1997 with a group of specialists focused on direct search for middle and senior management positions. We want to be your reliable partner and trustworthy consultant in personnel services. For the last ten years we have:
acquired over 90 clients
filled nearly 200 positions
long-term cooperation with nearly 20 of our clients

Team CHC Partners

The needs of our clients are often very extensive and specific. We are able to provide a wide portfolio of services, thanks to specialized consultants who know their industries extremely well, have personal experience in those industries, and are familiar with current developments in the labor market.
Andrea Vacková
Andrea Vacková

Senior Consultant

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    Martina Štěpařová
    Martina Štěpařová

    Senior Consultant

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      Lucia Kubalová
      Lucia Kubalová


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